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Dataset of the week

Overview of the latest dataset on the Federal Geoportal.

Which vineyards can receive slope subsidies? (FOAG)

In order to take the difficult production and living conditions in agriculture into adequate consideration, slope subsidies have been established for areas eligible for direct payments.

Transport Outlook - Passengers transported by public transport on the Swiss rail network in 2050 (ARE)

Passengers transported by public transport on the Swiss rail network (including tram) in 2050.

Ticks – also in our area? according to measurements (FOPH)

Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) is an infectious disease transmitted via bites from infected ticks.

Where are there forest reserves in Switzerland? (FOEN)

Forest reserves are designated for the long-term protection of ecological and biological diversity in the forest.

Dataset 19.11.2022

Where can you find Swiss heritage sites of national importance? Federal Inventory ISOS (FOC)

Dataset 27.10.2022

Switzerland from above: A journey through time with aerial photographs from 1946 to the present (swisstopo). Landscape and settlement history of Switzerland over the last 70 years.

Dataset 07.10.2022

How much electricity or heat can my house façade produce? (SFOE)

Dataset 19.09.2022

Where is there potential for wind energy?

Dataset 02.09.2022

How low is the water level of lakes and rivers in a long-term comparison? (FOEN)

Dataset 09.08.2022

Federal Inventory of Dry Grasslands of National Importance (FOEN)

Dataset 05.07.2022

Water availability for plants: Changes between 1981 and 2018 (FOEN).

Dataset 01.06.2022

Federal Inventory of Floodplains of National Importance (FOEN).

Dataset 10.06.2022

How did the Swiss Alps look like about 100 years ago? Terrestrial images taken by swisstopo.

Dataset 17.06.2022

Where is it hottest today? Current temperature maxima (MeteoSwiss).

Dataset 17.05.2022

Solidago canadensis, Erigeron annuus etc.: Potential distribution maps of invasive alien plants (FOEN).

Dataset 16.11.2021

How are population density and population growth distributed across Switzerland? (FST)

Dataset 27.05.2021

How close to nature are our streams and rivers? Ecomorphology Level F (FOEN)