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30. March 2023

First GovTech hackathon for the digital transformation of Switzerland.

The API/Geoportal is part of the most successful solution.

1. March 2023

Innovations in the test map viewer

New background maps and improved user interface. Update Test Map Viewer

2. September 2022

News 01.09.2022

Daily updated FSDI data now also available in STAC

Dataset of the week

31. May 2023

Which vineyards can receive slope subsidies? (FOAG)

In order to take the difficult production and living conditions in agriculture into adequate consideration, slope subsidies have been established for areas eligible for direct payments.

22. May 2023

Transport Outlook - Passengers transported by public transport on the Swiss rail network in 2050 (ARE)

Passengers transported by public transport on the Swiss rail network (including tram) in 2050.

3. May 2023

Ticks – also in our area? according to measurements (FOPH)

Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) is an infectious disease transmitted via bites from infected ticks.

30. May 2022

Geoinformation for everyone - leaflet

This leaflet gives an overview of the variety of data and maps on It shows how we can all benefit from geoinformation as individuals, as a society, in politics, business, research and education.

30. May 2022

Film Geoinformation

Geoinformation is an important part of our everyday life and provides an essential basis for information, work and decision-making in economy, science, administration, politics and as well as for private persons. This film is intended to give an insight into the world of geoinformation.

30. May 2022

Organisation: names, departments, contacts

The coordination of geographical information within the Federal Administration is under the strategic direction and management of the coordinating agency for Federal geographical information, GCG.

For developers

31. May 2022

REST Interface: Spatial Temporal Asset Catalog API

The Spatial Temporal Asset Catalog – API is a «dataset based» download service providing access to packaged geospatial data and related metadata.

1. June 2022

Web Map Tiling Services WMTS: available services and data

A WMTS service does not offer the flexibility of free scale selection; it offers instead faster loading/transmission time by using static tiles with fixed and discrete scales.

1. June 2022

Web Mapping Services WMS: Available services an data

The BGDI supports the federal offices by setting up WMS services. You can freely use the following examples and integrate them into any GIS system.