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Web Map Tiling Services WMTS: available services and data

A WMTS service does not offer the flexibility of free scale selection; it offers instead faster loading/transmission time by using static tiles with fixed and discrete scales. This fixed structure of tiles allows the use of a WMTS service with a web server that simply retrieves the available files. This tile architecture also allows the use of standard network mechanisms for scalability such as distributed cache systems.

The WMTS-FSDI offers the WMTS maps available in The WMTS-FSDI can be used free of charge. The requests GetCapabilities and GetTile are supported.

The WMTS-FSDI is accessible via a secure connection.

In some geographic information systems (GIS) the URL is sufficient to use the service. Otherwise the GetCapabilities request is:
(choice of language [de,fr,it,en] is done by adding the parameter ?lang=en)

Intended Use

Web Map Tile Services are tiled raster data, where pre-tiling reduces loading times. WMTS data is used when a constantly updated background is required.

Further information