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Vector Tiles Service: available services and data

Vector tiles are packets of geodata that are packaged in predefined, roughly square-shaped «tiles» and transmitted over the web.
They can be used to provide stylized web maps and combine the advantages of pre-rendered raster map tiles with vector map data.


As with WMTS, the data is requested by the client as a set of «tiles» corresponding to square land areas with a predefined size and position.
Vector tiles contain vector representations of data across a range of scales. Unlike raster tiles:

  • they can adapt to the resolution of your display device
  • they are much smaller and faster to load
  • they are optimized for mobile devices.

In addition, vector tiles allow you to create your own cartographic style without hosting or maintaining the underlying data.
The tile architecture also allows the use of standard network mechanisms for scalability such as distributed cache systems.

Map viewer:

Test version of the viewer with Vector Tiles: Link
Examples overlay with thematic maps

All other +850 data sets in are available for overlaying

Interactivity: switch application language

Modify the portrayal

You can change the representation of an existing Vector Tile dataset yourself according to your wishes and needs and make it available on a platform you use on the Internet. Please note that only members of the federal administration have worldwide coverage with OpenMapTiles data for self-hosted map applications.
Switzerland and Lichtenstein are freely available, as well as the corresponding style file.

  • Open the «official» style file (file JSON) with a web based vector style editor, e.g. maputnik Editor or maptiler Editor
  • Adapt the style according to your needs
  • Export your custom style in a JSON file and host it on a Web server: the file should be accessible via an URL.

Using your custom style:

Available geodata

The Vector Tiles service provides the following datasets:


Light Base Map
Coverage: Switzerland and Liechtenstein

The map combines different data sets of the federal government (ch.swisstopo.leichte-basiskarte.vt). It corresponds to the swisstopo product: Light Base Map / Schema


Imagery Base Map
Coverage: Switzerland and Liechtenstein

The Imagery Base Map is a combination of up-to-date aerial photographs and cartographic elements. It corresponds to the swisstopo product Imagery Base Map / Schema


All vector tiles products
Coverage: global

The use of the service with the light base map map / Imagery Base Map (consisting of org.openstreetmap-openmaptiles.vt, org.openmaptiles-contours.vt, org.openmaptiles-relief.vt ch.swisstopo.leichte-basiskarte.vt / ch.swisstopo.leichte-basiskarte-imagery.vt) is only permitted for administrative units of the Federal Administration in accordance with Annex 1 of the Government and Administration Organization Ordinance. The data for the area outside of Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein will be obtained through the third-party provider by the Federal Administration for the period 1.1.2021-31.12..2022.

System status