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List of publicly available WebGIS-applications

This list contains the WebGIS-applications that the federal offices (FO) made available to the public. They have been developed by COGIS together with external partners.

Some of the following applications are not available in English.

List of thematic geoportals

Name Responsibility Description
Cadastralinfo Cadastral Surveying in Switzerland / FO of Topography swisstopo Find information, plan and aerial view of any particular real estate parcel using the new application of cadastral surveying Switzerland.
Sectoriel plans FO for Spatial Development ARE The application centralize all sectoriel plans from the Swiss Government
Time Series Viewer FO of Topography swisstopo Web application permitting to travel through time in the maps of swisstopo
Aviation FO of Civil Aviation FOCA WeGOM (Web GIS Obstacle Map): The current publication of FOCA of air navigation obstacles in the territory of the Swiss Confederation
Display FPDS data FO of Topography swisstopo Displays fixed points of national measurement and official measurement
swisstopo geodata FO of Topography swisstopo Displays swisstopo reference geodata. FO of Topography swisstopo Search, view, consult and download a wealth of geological and geology-relevant data. At, the «Topic Geology» of the map viewer of the federal geoportal ( Externe Seite. Inhalt wird in neuem Fenster geöffnet.) now gives you access to over 70 geology-relevant datasets, and more are being added on an ongoing basis.
Display LUBIS data FO of Topography swisstopo The LUBIS aerial image information system provides aerial photos of the whole of Switzerland and neighbouring regions for a given region and is used to place orders.
Catalogue of aerial photos FO of Topography swisstopo Catalogues of aerial photos of Switzerland, contains LUBIS enhanced with private providers.
swisstopo onlineshop FO of Topography swisstopo Online shop to order swisstopo products.
Radio transmitter FO of Communication OFCOM The WebGIS for the locations of broadcasting stations, indicating the position of the different installations of this type.
Broadband map FO of Communication OFCOM Broadband map
ARE geodata FO for Spatial Development ARE The WebGIS ARE provides geographic information on transport and urban planning.
IHR inventory Federal roads office FEDRO The inventory of historic ways of communication of national, regional and local importance.
Stat@las Switzerland FO for Statistics In addition to the Stat@las Europe, the Stat@las Switzerland offers you a wide selection of detailed maps on local and regional contexts within Switzerland. Stat@las Switzerland has options to look up values, change regionalisation and customise the map design. Its navigation functions offer a wide range of regional stratifications from the municipal level on up.
FOEN geodata FO for the Environment FOEN The Web-SIG is the FOEN’s geographic portal, where users can view information on the state of the environment in the following issue areas: waters, air, forest, biodiversity, noise, chemicals, waste and natural hazards
Water FO for the Environment FOEN «Topic Water» at displays all the Swiss Government maps covering the waters of Switzerland. There is a wide diversity, ranging from real-time water temperature in rivers, through groundwater protection zones to the potential for small hydropower plants.
Protection of Cultural Property FO for Civil Protection FOCP The Swiss inventory of cultural property
FOAG geodata FO for Agriculture FOAG The web application provides to the general public geospatial information on the following agricultural subjects:
* Agricultural zones boundaries
* Agricultural potential
* Labels and sales promotion
Designated Wildlife Areas FO for the Environment FOEN Designated Wildlife Areas in Switzerland
Road accidents Federal roads office FEDRO Road accidents


The responsibility for the content of the WebGIS-applications relies entirely upon the concerned office.

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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo
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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo
COGIS (Coordination, Geo-Information and Services)
Seftigenstrasse 264
P.O. Box
3084 Wabern