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Programming interface API: simple and powerful provides a programming interface for websites. Using the «Application Programming Interface» API, you can embed maps in your web pages using JavaScript. Various utilities will allow you to use the different services of the API to add dynamic map applications on your website.

The Application Programming Interface is a simple and powerful tool for adding dynamic maps and geodata to your web pages. These are background maps from swisstopo, overlaid with geodata from the federal office of your choice according to

Whom does the serve?

You benefit from if you, as the person responsible for websites, supplement the Internet presence of your office or company location with an online interface to a map section. Sites can thus be easily localized - for example, federal offices, municipalities, starting points of hikes, etc. Georeferenced data can also be overlaid.

How does the user benefit?

  • Availability of data and services from homogeneous data over the entire territory of Switzerland
  • High-performant and convenient map navigation
  • High interoperability due to the support of common standards and the publication of the source codes of the API.
  • No or low costs for the infrastructure, no costs for updating the data
  • Great potential for further development, driven by the OpenSource community of OpenLayers

What data & services are available?

All data available on can be used via the The range of services is even larger.

Instructions & Reference

Instructions on how to integrate the API into a website or web application and locate your own points-of-interest (POIs) on it can be found in the following guide.


Access to the data is possible via the web services of the geoportal (map services WMS, WMTS and API REST Services). Scraping (automatic parsing of the geoservices via bots) with high query intensity of the datasets is to be avoided. For the complete retrieval of the datasets for their use outside the context of the web services (use in offline systems, databases, etc.), you are kindly asked to use our download service.

Further information