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News 29.06.2022 Preview of the new appearance for the geoportal of the Confederation.

The federal geoportal is being further developed as part of the Standard Service Web (SD-Web) program: Important innovations are the implementation of the updated web guidelines of the federal administration and their implementation together with a new technical solution (headless CMS) for web sites of the federal administration. Explore the test version of the new portal at!

More than 25,000 people use - the federal geoportal - in average per month. The updated web guidelines of the federal administration, but also new technical solutions for the standardized web sites in the federal administration require adjustments to the portal. The following innovations have been developed by the SD-Web program in recent months and are available at

  • Basic functionalities of the headless content management system (content types and components) for the future standard site.
  • Pilot" frontend based on web guidelines of the Confederation for the future standard site.
  • Development of various services such as forms, news and others for the future standard web service.

In order to test the implementation in operational use, a test phase will run until the end of 2022. This will enable the SD-Web geoportal and program to gather experience, evaluate user feedback, and estimate the effort required to operate these innovations.

For questions and feedback: