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News 24.05.2022

Update Linked Geodata Service: GeoSPARQL, Addresses, Roads and Automated Updates
The Linked Geodata service is an established and appreciated tool for the use of Swiss Linked Geodata in semantic applications. The service, operational since March 2017, has recently received an important update.

This update is inteded to optimize GeoSPARQL support, improve interoperability with the Linked Data Platform of the Swiss Confederation (LINDAS), and enable the publication and update of datasets with a high update frequency. The following new datasets have been published: «Bathing water quality» (FOEN), «Official index of building addresses» (swisstopo) and «Official index of streets» (swisstopo).

In brief :

  • The new Triplestore offers improved support for GeoSPARQL.
  • For some datasets (with a high update frequency), the publication/update process has been automated
  • The Linked Data resources of the Federal Spatial Data Infrastructure are now available under «» instead of «» (according to ICT requirement «I003 - Domain Name System (DNS)")
  • The following new datasets are available: «Bathing water quality» (FOEN), «Official index of building addresses» (swisstopo), «Official index of streets» (swisstopo).
  • The interaction between the Linked Geodata service of and LINDAS has been improved
  • "» will still be available until 31.12.2022, but will be switched off afterwards
  • You will need to migrate your «» application to «» to ensure continued operation
  • The development of «» can be followed:

The reason for the update of the Linked Geodata service is especially the potential for improvement regarding performance, timeliness as well as a new backend architecture.

Our intention with this announcement is to inform the Linked Geodata service users as early as possible. This new development means that your applications based on «» will have to be migrated to «». We believe that interoperability with W3C standards and LINDAS is very important to promote access to Linked Data.

For questions please use this mailing list :!forum/geoadmin-api. The conditions remain unchanged with «». This means that we will maintain the support of the current «» until Q4 2022 and the productive rollout of «». «» will definitely be discontinued as of 31.12.2022.