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Innovations in the test map viewer

New background maps and improved user interface. 
Update Test Map Viewer

The next generation of the popular map viewer now with new background maps (National Map of Switzerland, Light Base Map abroad, Imagery Base Map) and a new technical solution for the user interface.

For the test phase in 2023, there are the following innovations for the next generation test map viewer, which incorporates feedback from the user survey:

  • Standard background map: The perimeter of Switzerland is covered in this version with the national map of Switzerland. Outside of Switzerland, OSM data is displayed in the Light Base Map.
    Example: View Europe:
  • Aerial background: Imagery Base Map is a combination of current aerial images and cartographic elements that provides a good overview of the current landscape in an appealing form. Outside Switzerland, OSM data and satellite images are used.
    Example: Basel border triangle:
  • User interface: The user interface was created using the open source software framework VueJS. This increases the responsiveness of the map viewer so that users can enjoy a smooth and seamless desktop and mobile experience.

With our current test version you have access to a number of the most valuable functions, including the management of permalinks and URLs, datasets, infoboxes, drawings, language and mouse positions.

And with our planned updates, you can expect even more powerful features, including iFrame support, printing and 3D capabilities and more. In a detailed roadmap, we show what we plan to implement in the future.

We are committed to improving navigation, data selection and display, linking and integration, and advanced features to provide you with the best possible user experience.

IMPORTANT Your user feedback: Should this approach (standard background map, aerial background, user interface) be pursued for the test viewer?

  • We value your feedback at or directly in the Test Map Viewer via the «Give Feedback» button and are committed to improving further.

For developers: The data is freely available via services for own applications: The source code is available at