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New data 26.10.2022

The new data are available on the federal geoportal : Ammonia Concentration, Nitrogen Deposition, Exceedance of critical loads for nitrogen, Dams under federal supervision, Suitability of roofs for the use of solar energy, Suitability of façades for the use of solar energy, Pro Natura: Nature Preserves, Geological Vector Datasets GeoCover, Geological Atlas of Switzerland 1:25000, swissTLMRegio Protected Areas, swissTLMRegio Buildings, swissTLMRegio Hydrography, swissTLMRegio Landcover, swissTLMRegio Miscellaneous, swissTLMRegio «Miscellaneous», swissTLMRegio Names, swissTLMRegio Transportation public transport, swissTLMRegio Transportation road network, Sectoral Plan Military - consultations, Sectoral Plan Military, swissSURFACE3D Raster monodirectional hillshade, swissSURFACE3D Raster multidirectional hillshade, SWISSIMAGE and Journey through time – aerial images, Tiling SWISSIMAGE Journey through time