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Published on 18 May 2022

New data 18.05.2022

The new data are available on the federal geoportal : Air navigation obstacles - Changes of the last 56 days, Geologischer Atlas der Schweiz 1:25000 – Profile, Airspaces: Control zones (CTR), Site of tick bite reported for tick-borne encephalitis (TBE), Switzerland, 2012-2022, Airspaces: Control areas (CTA), Restricted zones for model aircraft and drones, Airspaces: Flight information zones (FIZ), Airspaces: Flight in formation region (FIR), Airspaces: Terminal control areas (TMA), Aeronautical Chart ICAO Switzerland 1:500'000, SWISS MIL PILOTS CHART 1:500'000, Glider Chart Switzerland 1:300'000, Civil and military aerodromes, Map of restricted and danger areas 1:300'000, Mil Airspace Chart 1:500'000, Housing inventory and secondary homes rate, Official index of streets, Alpine Floodplains outside of the federal inventary, Swiss air navigation obstacle data, Sheet Division of the Dufour Map, Aerial images cantons, Sheet Division of the Siegfried Map 1:50 000, Sheet Division of the Siegfried Map 1:25 000