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Map viewer: viewing of geodata

Digital data can be viewed, printed out and supplied by means of the map viewer tool. The required data is available in the form of digital maps and photos, vector data and also as online services.

Working with the map viewer: the graphic user interface enables you to select the desired items.

Access to mapviewer

Map viewer help

Mapviewer on the go is the next generation viewer. We are currently in the beta phase of development and are excited to receive feedback from users. Our team is dedicated to setting up the necessary migration processes to ensure smooth transition and ease of use: so please help us test the next generation of the viewer.

With our current BETA, you'll have access to a range of most valuable features features including permalink and URL management, dataset management, infoboxes, drawing, language, and mouse positions.

And with our planned updates, you can expect even more powerful features including iFrame support, printing and 3D capabilities and more.
We're committed to improving our navigation, selection and display of data, linking and integration, and advanced functions to provide the best user experience possible.

We value your feedback to and are eager to continue improving.