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Introduction to

Here you will find examples and introductory materials for teaching in a course group or for individual learning with the map application

Further information - A project to promote federal digital maps in the classroom - The federal geoportal (swisstopo), OFCOM, and the imedias digital media consulting center of the FHNW University of Applied Sciences launched the project in the 2015/16 school year. Since then, teachers, geographers, didacticians and media educators have been working together to develop ideas for teaching based on and testing them in school classes.

In addition, the project provides valuable feedback for the development of the map viewer. This mutually valuable dialog is to be continued in the coming years.

Further information

Theme catalog «For school»:

Under the URL you can find a digital map collection «For school». The target group of this map collection are teachers of elementary school. They should be able to access the map catalog directly via and call up their desired data set under the categories. Pupils should have simplified access to the geodata of the federal administration and be able to use them in an interdisciplinary manner and in accordance with the teaching plan.

More teaching materials

Here you will find teaching materials from a pilot project with schools in the cantons of Aargau and Solothurn. The teaching units each offer concrete suggestions on how the map viewer can be used in the classroom, especially at the primary level.

Further information

Further information