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INSPIRE Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe is the name of an EU directive for the development of an European Spatial Data Infrastructure. The goal of the infrastructure is to support the European Environmental policy and decision-making.

The directive is legally binding for EU member states and includes explicit deadlines for its implementation. There is no explicit legal commitment for Switzerland. However, the Federal Office of Topography swisstopo has realized the following INSPIRE services. In addition, there are several areas of cooperation between Switzerland and EU member states – especially in the context of the European Environment Agency – where the implementation of the INSPIRE directive is useful also for Swiss institutions. The Swiss INSPIRE contact point was established in order to:

  • provide information about INSPIRE and its implementation,
  • co-ordinate existing and future INSPIRE-related activities in Switzerland,
  • use the existing resources and know-how more efficient and effective,
  • support the current definition processes for INSPIRE Implementing Rules,
  • keep contact on European INSPIRE-related committees and ensure information,
  • provide a contact person for Swiss institutions as well as European INSPIRE-related committees and institutions.

Alain Buogo from COGIS  is acting as the contact person. Please send an E-Mail if you have any questions on INSPIRE.

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