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New data 30.05.2018

The new data are available on the federal geoportal : Aerological stations, Aviation weather stations, Measurement values air pressure reduced at sea level (QFF), Measurement values relative humidity, Measurement values fresh snow depth, Measurement values air pressure at station altitude (QFE), Measurement values air temperature 2 m, daily maximum 24 hours, Measurement values air pressure reduced with standard atmosphere (QNH), Measurement values air temperature 2 m, daily minimum 24 hours, Measurement values precipitation, 10 min sum, Measurement values global radiation, daily mean, Measurement values dew point, Measurement values precipitation, hourly total, Measurement values precipitation, daily total, Manual snow and precipitation stations, Measurement values wind gusts, 10 min maximum, Measurement values air temperature 2 m, Stations of the national pollen monitoring network, Weather stations of the automatic monitoring network, Stations of the Swiss National Basic Climatological Network, Measurement values wind speed, 10 min mean, Geopotential height of the 850 hPa-surface, Visual meteorological observations, Weather stations of MeteoSwiss partner networks, Measurement values global radiation, 10 min, Measurement values sunshine duration in relation to absolute daily total, Measurement values sunshine duration, 10 min, Weather cameras, Measurement values total snow depth, Phenological observations, Gips: Abbau und Verarbeitung, Measurement values foehn index, Geopotential height of the 700 hPa-surface, Salz: Abbau und Verarbeitung, SWISS MIL PILOTS CHART 1:500'000, Zementrohstoffe: Abbau und Verarbeitung, Radon map, National Map 1:10'000 (color), National Map 1:10'000 (grey), Network for non-motorized traffic hiking in Switzerland, Network for non-motorized traffic cycling in Switzerland, Network for non-motorized traffic mountainbiking in Switzerland, Territorial divisions, Network for non-motorized traffic skating in Switzerland, Swiss Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (SwissPRTR), Register of designations of origin (PDO) and geographical indications (PGI) - products of plant origin

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