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Geoservices: making information accessible and networking it

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Geoservices are spatially referenced web services which make geodata accessible in structured form. Through geoservices it is possible to network geographical information over the Internet and to view or exchange data.

Geoservices are networkable applications which simplify the use of electronic services for geodata and make it accessible in structured form.” (Geoinformation Act Art. 3 Para. j).

The Act requires the public administration to make geodata available through web services. Geoservices are defined as follows, in accordance with the Geoinformation Ordinance Art. 2 Paras. h to k.

  • Portrayal service: Internet facility enabling graphically representable geographical data-sets to be displayed, enlarged, reduced and shifted; data to be overlaid; the relevant content of metadata to be displayed; and enabling navigation within geodata;
  • Download service: Internet facility enabling the download of copies of geographical data-sets or parts of data-sets, and where possible enabling direct access;
  • Discovery service: Internet facility enabling searches through geoservices and geographical data-sets on the basis of geographical metadata;
  • Transformation service: Internet facility enabling the geometrical transformation of geographical data-sets between different reference systems.


Portrayal services: web mapping and web GIS applications

Portrayal services such as web mapping or web GIS applications are geographical information systems (GIS) or mapping facilities for which the data is supplied over the Internet. Geoservices under...

Download services

The Geoinformation Ordinance defines a download service as an Internet service that enables the downloading of copies of geospatial datasets or parts thereof and, where feasible, direct access to...

INSPIRE Services

INSPIRE Services consist among others of View Services (WMS) and Download Services (ATOM/OS). These are used for European Spatial Data Infrastructure which is implemented according to the INSPIRE...

CSW discovery service: find data and information

The catalogue service for web (CSW) enables you to search for information about the geoservices and geodata of the spatial data infrastructure (SDI). The geoservices / portrayal services under...

Linked Data Service: linking geodata

Linked Data bezieht sich auf das Verwenden des Webs, um verwandte Daten, die vorher nicht verknüpft waren, zu verbinden. Die Daten werden per Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) identifiziert, geteilt...

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