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Dataset 27.05.2021

How close to nature are our streams and rivers? Ecomorphology Level F (FOEN)

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In order to be able to comprehensively protect water bodies, their condition must be known. The module-stage concept provides the framework for standardised watercourse investigation and assessment. The concept is modular and includes investigations of hydrology, structure of water bodies (ecomorphology), water chemistry and ecotoxicology as well as the biocoenoses of animals, plants and microorganisms (biology).

In the module Ecomorphology, the structural characteristics of streams and rivers of entire regions (e.g. cantons, regions, municipalities) are investigated on an area-wide basis (level F). The «Sections» layer shows the classification of the individual watercourse sections from natural to artificial and culverted (reference geometry VECTOR25 GWN). This classification is based on the summary assessment of ecologically significant features such as the condition of the riparian area.

Further information on the topic of ecomopholgy: Website FOEN