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Dataset 19.09.2022

Where is there potential for wind energy? Swiss federal base map (SFOE)
The wind energy concept defines the main areas with wind-power potential which must be investigated as part of cantonal structural planning. The Swiss federal government has identified the main areas with wind-power potential, taking into account the high wind energy yields (basic data from the Wind Atlas of Switzerland,, the principal federal government interests and sufficient spatial concentration.

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The rough analysis, which is subject to some uncertainty, does not take account of any cantonal or municipal interests and does not permit any assertions to be made about the specific feasibility of wind energy plants. The cantons are responsible for identifying suitable areas for wind energy use and the associated balancing of interests appropriate to the relevant levels. The geodata from the main areas with potential are not officially binding but are primarily to be considered as the federal government's basis for cantons which do not yet have any structural plans in place for wind energy or which want to adapt their structural plans accordingly. The map can only be fully meaningful if the explanations in the wind energy concept and the associated explanatory report are taken into account.

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