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Verification of conformity of geoservices to eCH-0056 standards

The «Geoservices application profile» (eCH 0056) provides a guide for the implementation of geoservices in Switzerland and is, due to its reference to Art. 7 Geo-swisstopo, a legally binding standard for basic geoservices developed on the basis of the basic geodata of the federal legislation, or of their competent authorities.

There is no service available for the automatic verification of the conformity of geoservices to the current version of eCH-0056. Therefore, the verification is carried out by means of a self-check or a declaration. Clarifications or questions about individual cases can be requested via the contact form (below).

Verification stageVerificationProcedure/advice

Version control

Version of the service according to OGC in relation to the eCH-0056 directives

Comparison of the version from the service description (getCapabilities) with the eCH-0056 specifications

OGC Compliance

Validation according to OGC geoservices specifications (see note below)

Automatic verification using OGC Test Suite

Compliance eCH0056

Self-checking according to eCH-0056 guidelines

Verification of compliance with eCH-0056 directives in the service description (getCapabilities).


Individual communication

Note: The ATOM/OpenSearch download service cannot be verified using the OGC Test Suite. The ATOM feed can be validated by the W3C Feed Validation Service.

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