General information General information is the geographical information platform of the Swiss Confederation within the Federal Administration. As a user, you can directly access federal geographical information, data, services...

Organisation: names, departments, contacts

The coordination of geographical information within the Federal Administration is under the strategic direction and management of the coordinating agency for Federal geographical information, GCG.

Responsibilities and contacts

Background details for given on this page include contact details for the offices responsible for coordination, operation and data management.

Task and responsibilities

The Federal Office for Topography has the task of ensuring the coordination, development and operation of the Federal spatial data infrastructure FSDI, under its remit from the coordinating agency...

Legal framework

The tasks, services and responsibilities of are defined in the following laws and ordinances:

Vision: gather, optimise, network

The vision and objectives of cover all of the institutional arrangements, activities and technical developments needed to establish an information technology platform for Swiss...

Awards for the Swiss Confederation’s geoportal,