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Twitter & RSS

No time to regularly check our website Would you still like to be informed about the newest geodata? Then, Twitter & RSS is for you!


The profile enables you to follow the latest news regarding


Some common Twitter pictograms


You can subscribe to the following information free of charge:

What is RSS??

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" with which you can find out what's new on our website without having to search for it or to check your mailbox all the time. RSS will tell you automatically which pages have been updated. RSS is an independent XML-based format which was developed to exchange news and other web contents.

In other words, every time one of the pages you have subscribed to is revised or updated, you will get a message. A mouse click will show you either the title and a short description, or it takes you directly to that page. There is a list of the revised pages, usually along with a short summary.

How do I use RSS?

If a page is available for subscription with RSS, an RSS pictogram will appear either in the task bar or the browser address and often also on the page itself. To subscribe, just click on it. The current browsers will show you the subscribed pages directly. An alternative is to download the RSS reader free of charge from the Internet.  

Some common RSS pictograms
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