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Portrayal services: web mapping and web GIS applications

Portrayal services such as web mapping or web GIS applications are geographical information systems (GIS) or mapping facilities for which the data is supplied over the Internet.

Portrayal services enable geographical information to be viewed on a map. Although the options for data processing are limited compared with “real” office GIS software, some targeted queries and analyses are possible. A web GIS makes access to geographical information truly independent of platform, installation and location.

Portrayal services are available here via web map services (WMS) and application programming interfaces (APIs), with positioning services being enabled by means of the simple object access (SOAP) network protocol. In the first instance these services are restricted to the Federal Administration. An extension to other groups of customers is being tested.

A “secure WMS” solution for secure service connections is also in preparation.

Web Map Services (WMS)

Web Map Services

A web map service is an interface for calling up map extracts over the Internet. Here you will find all currently available WMS.

Application programming interface (API)

Application programming interface (API)

With the application programming interface API you can include dynamic maps and geographical data in your own website and also integrate further functionality.

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