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Advice and coordination: implementation of the strategy

Here you will find assistance in the implementation of the strategy for geographical information within the Federal Administration.

Directly to the enquiry form

The coordinating agency for federal geographical information GCG (formerly the GIS coordination group) is ready to provide you with relevant advice. Information can be provided on the following topics:

  • Further development and implementation of the federal strategy for geographical information, in accordance with the decision of the Federal Council of Ministers dated 25th February 1998 
  • Harmonising the official geodata for Switzerland in accordance with Federal legislation and simplifying the organisational, legal, pricing and technical conditions for the distribution and sharing of this data 
  • Coordination, implementation and provision of necessary services across the Federal Administration. 
  • Operation of the Federal geospatial data infrastructure (FGDI) 
  • Ensuring the general operation and coordination of ongoing Federal projects concerning geographical information systems (GIS), the Web, information technology and telecommunications as well as the operation and further development of the relevant infrastructure.

Enquiry form

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