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Vision: gather, optimise, network

The vision and objectives of cover all of the institutional arrangements, activities and technical developments needed to establish an information technology platform for Swiss geospatial data and information in accordance with the new Geoinformation Act (GeoIG).

In support of the eGovernment Switzerland strategy and the e-geo charter, is making a practical contribution in the following areas:

In practical terms, is to be used for the following tasks:  

  • Portal for supply of all Federal geodata services
  • Access to and networking of geographical information, geodata services and geodata
  • Coordination of activities relating to basic geodata under Federal law, and easier access in support of its wider use


Establishment of the Federal spatial data infrastructure

  • Sustainable capture, update and documentation of basic geodata
  • Adherence to recognised geographical data standards
  • Common pricing and marketing strategy
  • Elimination of obstacles to networking, data exchange and the multiple use of geographical information


Improvement of electronic collaboration and optimisation of geoservices

  • Making available a range of basic services
  • Strengthening the integration of geodata into information processing activity within the administration
  • Creation of easier access to geodata


Networking through electronic integration

  • Encouragement of beneficial networking between different parts of the administration
  • Support for collaboration at the Confederation, Canton and municipality level
  • Simplification of the exchange of geodata between official bodies


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