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News 09.02.2012

09.02.2012 |

Simple and forward looking: the pilot version of a potential 3D Viewer for is online at initially until the 31.07.2012.

For the time being, the demo version can only run on Firefox Version 4 onwards, Chrome Version 9 onwards, Safari and Internet Explorer with Chrome Frame. Furthermore, a new generation of graphics card is needed.

The 3D Viewer is based on OpenWebGlobe Framework and is implemented as a WebGL option. Prominent features include its use without PlugIn and render quality.
Alongside basic functions such as the display of 3D spaces and objects as well as navigation, the function of switching layers on and off and a localisation service can be used with “Fly to”.
The 3D scene is based on data from swisstopo: SWISSIMAGE, DHM25 and swissBOUNDARIES3D as well as extracts from swissBUILDINGS3D.
In addition, textured 3D objects from FHNW Muttenz and EPFL Lausanne are available. Outside the area with high-resolution data, Blue Marble from “NASA’s Earth Observatory” can be used.
The localisation service is based on External website. Content opens in new window.

We are delighted by every visit and looking forward to receiving feedback and suggestions:

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